Kitchen Remodeling

The time has come for my kitchen to get a makeover.  The kitchen has been slowly getting worse since we moved in about four years ago.  The one counter was tile, and it was so moldy that after you wiped it off with Clorox, it still looked gross.  The sink was put in crooked, so that water would run down the counter and collect in a puddle.  I had a towel down there, but it still molded.  The wall were painted this horrible peach color and so were the cub boards.  Plus the cupboards you couldn't scrub to get clean, as the wood was pitted so bad.

I decided that I would paint my kitchen blue. I used two different blues, as I wanted my walls and cupboards to be different colors.

I have been taking pictures of the progress and will be posting them when the remodel is complete.

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