Bathroom Phase 1

Finally got around to remodeling the bathroom. We started over Labor Day weekend, and finally finished on the Sunday September 18, 2011. It took at total of two weeks to get the project done. The bathroom was in horrible shape. The previous owners put down particle board as the sub floor, then put the tilled linoleum over the top of it. The problem was the tiles were not lined up and there were gaps between the tiles. There was no sealing put around the tiles to help keep the water out. Eventually the water made the floor start to cave in, we had to put a piece of board over the part of the floor by the toilet until we could get the problem fixed. The paint was peeling off of the walls, the tub surround was falling off, and bugs were crawling in. Which was really gross. There were many beetles that got flushed down the toilet.
Here are the before pictures of the bathroom:

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