Raspberry Bed

My raspberries are doing really well, except for the fact that weeds are growing like crazy in the bed. We planted the raspberries two years ago, underneath the window of the office. The raspberry bed faces south, and gets a ton of sun, which they like. I decided that I was tired of weeding it all of the time, and thought it would be cool to put rocks in it.

I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before. It was covered in weeds that I had to pull out, and had to be careful so I wouldn't pull up the plants. I put some plastic down and marked the spots where the plants would be. Then I cut some slits on the marks and gently put the plastic down. I had to gently guide the plants through the slit.

Here is what my raspberry bed looks like now. On top of the plastic I put rocks of all different sizes and colors that I had collected out on my trips four wheeling and off roading. The rocks add color to the front of the house. I'm looking forward to not having to weed my raspberries this summer.

A closeup of the rocks and my plants.

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