How to Splatter Paint

Splatter painting can be a lot of fun, but it is also very messy, so you want to make sure that you take the time to mask things and to lay down plastic. You also want to make sure that you remove any furniture from the room.

First thing first you need to make sure you have all of your supplies. You need to have:

* Enough plastic to lay over the floor, the amount depends on how big the room that you are doing is.
*Enough masking tape to cover all outlets, to tape the plastic down to the floor, to cover the lights and vents. Also to make sure that you tape off any windows and woodwork.
* Measuring tape and scissors
*A good primer, I recommend the Kiltz brand, and I use a laytex in the bedrooms and other rooms. If you are doing this in a bathroom or kitchen then get the Kiltz oil based.
*A white paint or off white color. You want this to be the base, and again I suggest using a laytex unless you are doing this in a bathroom or kitchen.
* A quart of each color you are going to use, I only used two colors.
* A roller brush and paint tray.
* Paint brushes in various sizes, it doesn't matter if they are the foam or bristle kind.
* Ladder if needed.
* Extension for the roller brush if needed
* Paper towels to wipe up any mess.

Once you have all of your supplies gathered in a central location, you can begin prepping the room that you are going to do.

1. First empty the room out of all furniture if that is possible. If that isn't possible then move it all to one side until you are done then you will have to move it to the other side.
2. Once the room is empited or things are moved to one side, begin measuring what you need to tape. I usually start with the windows first. Once you have measured, then cut the plastic and lay it on what you are covering, then take the masking tape and tape it in place.
3. After you have covered everything, it is time to tape the plastic to the floor, so you don't get paint on it. Once everything is taped you are now ready to begin painting.
4. Open up your primer and stir it really well. Then begin painting. Sometimes you will have to do a second coat of primer because the old paint will bleed through. Once the primer dries, which is usually a couple of hours later, take a look to see if you need a second coat.
5. Once you are done with the primer, go ahead and open up your base paint and begin painting. Again you might need two coats of the base paint.
6. Once the paint is dry, which take a couple of hours, decide what paint you are going to use first. Open it up and stir it really good. Then take your brush and dip it in the paint. Once you have paint on the brush, hold onto the brush while you flick your wrists. Paint will then begin to land on the wall.
7. Don't worry about following any kind of pattern, just have fun and keep splattering away. Once you are done with a color, get a different brush and open up the next color.
8. Keep in mind when you are doing this, you want your base color to show through. You do not want the walls completely colored.
9. Once you are done rinse the brushes and let the walls dry. Come back in a couple of hours later and take a look around to make sure that you like what you have done. When you are satisfied, clean mess up and put room back together.

A fresh coat of paint can liven up any room in your house. By letting your creativity show, you can really liven up a room. Remember to always have fun, and you can include your kids on this project. Most children find it fun to splatter paint on the walls without getting into trouble.

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