Fire Place Phase 2

We finished knocking down the brick that boxed in the fire box. We took it down to the current floor. As I said in the previous post the floors had been raised, so the bottom of the fire box is about three inches below the current floor. My husband is building the insert for the fire box. He decided he is going to do a heat exchanger, and that is why he put another pipe through the the floor of the firebox.

We decided to go with a six inch tall stoop for the fire place and it extends out one foot. We didn't want to tall of a stoop because we would end up loosing space for the fire box. He cemented a new bottom to the fire box and then extended the stoop out.

Here the forms have been taken off of the cement work. I think it turned out really well, for just flying by the seat of our pants on this project.

This is the ugly pink plaster that I mentioned in the previous post. The whole room was this color. I don't know how they could have lived with it. I like pink, but that is just way to much for me.

Since the chimney isn't straight, we put up Durock to help straighten it out. We needed something that we could stick the tile to also, since the chimney had texture to it, like the rest of the room. Now we are ready to begin the tiling.

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