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This is the next project, though it will be done in the spring, when school is out for the both of us. Behind that wall is an old adobe brick fireplace. We are planning on knocking out where the firebox is supposed to be to see what kind of condition it is in. The opening of the fireplace was bricked over sometime in the 20's or 30's, when the coal furnace was put in. The coal furnace was later taken out and replaced with a gas one. My husband suspect that instead of properly putting in the furnace, they put a hole down the middle of the floor of the firebox on the fireplace to hook the pipe up to the furnace. If so then it will take some time to fix it up. We are planning on using sheet rock for the upper part of the fireplace, since all the brick has stucco on it and with it being over a hundred years old we don't know what kind of condition the brick is going to be in. The hole at the top is where someone used a wood burning stove, and put the pipe in there. There is a small hole on the bottom where someone drilled, we are thinking they were trying to see if the firebox was bricked in or not. In a couple of weeks my husband is going to clean the chimney and we are going to put a camera down it to see if we can see the condition of the firebox. He doesn't want to put any holes in the wall, since we don't have the time to fix it at the moment. So hopefully the camera will be able to tell us what is there, as we are both very curious.

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  1. Very cool, Lori!!! Do you have pics of the outside and other rooms of the house? Hugs, Melissa



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