I just wanted to post an update, I know that I have not written in a while, but we haven't done a lot of remodeling.  We have decided to fix some things with the house, and then put it up for sale.  It is a sad decision for me, as I love my house, but in the long run it will be good.  My husband and I want to buy some property and build our own house.  We want to be able to raise animals and have a quieter life.  I think it will be a great change, though scary at the same time, as I know nothing about raising farm animals.  It will be a little bit before we are at that point as, we need to find the property first, along with paying off some bills.  Hopefully that will come sooner than later.

We are going to add some garden beds to our garden area, in hopes that it will make it easier and nicer to grow our vegetables in.  My husband is currently working on getting a compost bin ready, which will be great to produce our own compost and not have to  buy it anymore.

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