Fireplace Final Phase

After working on the fireplace for a year and a half it is finally finished. It was installed and ready to use on Christmas Eve. It was exciting as it is something that I have wanted since we moved into the house. We lit our first fire in it and it was worked really great. There hasn't been a fire in that fireplace for over 70 years. After a lot of hard work and dedication, I can definitely say it was one of the hardest projects that has been done with the house. There is a removable ash pan at the bottom so I don't have to scrape the ashes out, which helps prevent the ashes from getting all over the floor. The insert was painted with a high temperature spray paint. I decided to go with black as that is the color that looked the best against the tile. The glass is a special tempered glass that had to be ordered in. I had my husband cut out the Celtic triquetra out of metal to put over the glass. I wanted something unique.

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