Bathroom tub

The area by the tub actually went pretty well. The surround was pretty easy to take down and the walls behind it were really horrible looking. There was old glue from some tile that was never cleaned off and you could see the remnants of the tile squares. We decided to put durock up instead of water resistant wall board because the dur rock will not come apart or mold when it gets wet. Instead of putting up another surround I decided to use the sheet linoleum in kind of a rock pattern and a metal shelf. It turned out really good, and it looks so much better than the old surround. When my husband was cutting the trim to go around the tub, he accidently cut a couple of the pieces a little too short, so we had to fill them in with silicone and I stained those areas to match the trim. We also found found another note hidden in the wall with the plumbing. We decided to add our own not next to that one.

Pics of the bathtub area:

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