Staining the Coffee Table

The last piece of furniture that I will be staining for the living room is the coffee table. I stained all three tables with the same color, which was Minwax Polyshades #375 American Chestnut Satin. I wanted all of my furniture to match, so it took me a while to pick out a shade that I liked.

As you can tell from the picture, the table was in rough condition. The stain and paint were peeling. You could sit and peel off huge sections, especially on the one side.

It took me about fifteen minutes to sand the table. After sanding it I had to make sure that the everything was smooth so I could put the beige paint on.

The table all ready looks better, even though it only has one coat of beige paint on it. There are spots where the old paint and stain are showing through, so once again I will have to put a second coat of paint on.

After the second coat of paint dried, I gave the table a good look over to make sure that I wouldn't need another coat of paint on it. After deciding that I wouldn't need another coat, I got out my stain and got to work.

The first coat of stain was too light. So I know that I will need to put a second coat of stain on.

Here is my table after the second coat of stain. It looks so much better. The second coat really gives it that pop look.

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