New Curtains in son's room

I finally decided on some material to make curtains out of for my son's room. It's been almost a year since I've painted and put new carpet in his room. It took a long time to find some material that I liked, that wasn't too babyish or too grown up. I finally settled on a light blue with white stars on it. I bought 3 yards of it and only had five inches left. I'm so glad that I didn't goof up on measuring and stuff.

This is what the curtains looked like before I made the new ones. They were white with red and blue sailor stuff on them. For some reason the people that put these curtains in decided to put them halfway down the window. I don't care for curtains like this. I prefer them to be the full length of the window.

These are the curtains that I made. I think that they really make the room lighter, and go good with the room. I made them the full length of the window, which looks a lot better. I had to move the rod up to the top of the window. I then had to do some touch up paint where the rod used to sit because when I pulled the rod off some paint came with it.

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